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If you've yet to tackle your travel planning for 2016, a quick word: Anyone with the option to leave the United States this year really ought to do so. Your dollars are worth more overseas.

For a variety of reasons and in a variety of destinations, the US dollar is stacking up better than it has in a long time, making domestic travel one of the worst bangs for your buck during the coming months. From the pricey British Isles to beautiful South Africa, the time to go is now.

Exchange rate as of 3/21/2016:

Euro - $1.00 USD is equivelant to $0.89 Euro.

Argentine Peso - $1.00 USD is equivelant to $14.76 Argentine Peso.

Australian dollar - $1.00 USD is equivelant to $1.32 Australian dollar.

Brazilian Real - $1.00 USD is equivelant to $3.62 Brazilian Real.

Canadian dollar - $1.00 USD is equivelant to $1.31 Canadian dollar.

Mexican Peso- $1.00 USD is equivelant to $17.45 Mexican pesos.

New Zealand dollar - $1.00 USD is equivelant to $1.48 New Zealand dollar.

South African Rand - $1.00 USD is equivelant to $15.26 South African Rand.

Australian dollar - $1.00 USD is equivelant to $1.32 Euro.

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