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There are as many options for a cruise as there are destinations. Cruises depart on a specific schedule.  So when planning a cruise you need to be flexible with your travel dates.  Cruises depart year round, but some of the itineraries are seasonal.  Alaska cruises are usually May through September. If you want to combine a land tour to Denali with a cruise, the road inside the park does not open until June. If there is an early snow, the road could close early.

Let us help plan your cruise to coordinate with your travel dates. Whether you want to cruise the Caribbean, the Hawaiian Islands, Tahiti, one of the rivers in Europe, Panama Canal or Europe, we can help. 

Below are some of the cruise lines, we work with.  Contact us for information on these and other cruises.

The desires of vacation-goers are ever-evolving. Gone are the days when trips were planned solely around sightseeing. We are now in the age of experiential travel—where clients want a true taste of the heart and soul of local cultures. And what’s a more delicious way to savor the sights of Europe than through its wine and cuisine?

Travelers can learn so much about the land, local people and customs by trying the foods and drinks that are enjoyed there and–as all foodies know–experiencing new flavor is such fun. This is why AmaWaterways has created a variety of unique Wine Cruises on the Rhine, Danube, Mosel, Rhone, Seine, Douro and Garonne rivers. In addition to the amazing tours in grand capitals and charming towns, these cruises enhance already-spectacular itineraries with opportunities to uncork local traditions through wine and food-related activities both on board and during excursions–all at no additional cost.

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provides personal travel planning for the vacation of a life time.  Contact one of our consultants, to start the planning process, today.

Eileen Civera, serving Memphis and the surrounding area including western Tennessee, northern Mississippi, and eastern Arkansas at 901.626.6258


Cynde Pierce, serving Phoenix and the Western United States, at 480.351.9420

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Need a passport?  A passport book is required for air travel outside the United States. A passport card is only good for a cruise or traveling by land to Canada or Mexico. Processing time is about 4 weeks, but may take longer. So allow plenty of time to obtain a passport for international travel.

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