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2019 Travel Trends

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Unique and Personal Travel Planning

What Do You Want out of Travel

Time is money. In this ever-connected and busy world, do you want to travel, but don’t want to do it the way their parents did. Find that a hidden gem whether it is a neighborhood/family restaurant, a classic hotel/castle/bed & breakfast with personalized services rather than a chain hotel.

1. Authenticity
Do you want authenticity in your travels? Do you want to go where the locals go, not the usual tourist traps? Would you rather seek out off-the-beaten-path places? Not a cookie cutter vacation


2. Experiences
Whether it be a summer music festival in the English countryside or a cooking class in Florence, do you crave memorable experiences? Gone are the days when a 5-star hotel was enough to make a vacation. In today’s travel landscape, companies are increasingly focusing on experiences rather than products. It all boils down to the feeling of being transformed by travel, something that objects can’t do. Is meeting locals and getting to know the culture of the destination is at the top of your travel wish lists?


3. Sustainability
Sustainability is an increasing trend when it comes to travel. Whether it’s cities like Vancouver or countries like Iceland, do you want to lessen your impact on the planet and travel to places that follow an eco-conscious mentality? Instead of a luxury hotel, are you looking for ecolodges? Do you opt for bikes instead of cars, bringing your own reusable water bottles and prefer locally-produced and organic food when dining out? Sustainable travel is more than the environment, too. It can also mean volunteering at a local community center or visiting an animal sanctuary


4. Personalization
Going hand-in-hand with experiences, personalization is another huge trend in travel. Want vacations built around your personal tastes and experiences that fit your personalities. That could mean a wine-centric vacation to Portugal or an adventure-packed getaway to Patagonia. Do know what you like and what you want, so a personalized vacation looks much more attractive than a standard, run-of-the-mill trip? If you can't post pretty pictures on Instagram, was it really worth it


5. Ease
Travel is no longer a years-long, planned kind of thing. Social media, low-cost airlines, and companies have made traveling easier and more affordable than ever. With this comes the desire for booking a vacation to be easy and enjoyable. Don't have time to sift through countless articles; go to someone who is an expert on their destination. Let a travel agent do all the work. Choose convenience over cost, any day? Or let a travel agent find the best destination for you at the best price


Information taken from a blog published by Sceptre Vacations and Bianca Seftel.

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