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While a little harder to get to, the destinations of Fiji, Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand and other island in the South Pacific, are well worth it. Choose a remote island resort in Fiji, an over the water bungalow in Tahiti, an outback adventure in Australia or an adrenaline rush activity in New Zealand, these exotic destinations have something for everyone.

Fiji - Dolphin Island, a private island, hosts only one family or group of up to 8 guests at a time. The ultimate destination for luxurious privacy.

Explore Romantic Getaways to Tahiti, Fiji and Australia.

Find Your Perfect Romantic Getaway

Celebrating your love is an essential part of staying connected and recharging your passion. Whether you are rejoicing in a newfound love, rekindling the spark that first brought you together, or renewing a life-long commitment, make sure you take time this year to celebrate each other. Inside, you’ll find some of our most popular romantic getaways in the South Pacific and Asia with something for every taste and every budget. Because the most beautiful view is the one you share together.

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Contact Romantik Destinations for complete details for a self-drive tour of Australia or New Zealand. Self Driving Tours of Australia and New Zealand

Australia Driving Tours

Driving is an ideal way to see the "real" Australia at its best. It's the country with everything-beautiful, dramatic landscapes, stunning beaches, colorful cities with superb restaurants and shops, friendly people and a great climate. Whatever you are planning for your self-drive vacation, we're happy to share our expert knowledge with you. From must-see sights to secret hideaways, popular resorts to hidden gems off the beaten track, you are sure to experience the unique charm and character of Australia at its very best.

New Zealand Driving Tours

Surprisingly different and easy to navigate by car, New Zealand is a land where you can climb volcanoes, be dwarfed by glaciers, bathe in hot springs, trek through lush native forests and taste sumptuous food made from the freshest of local produce. Whether you want an adventure or an escape, tranquility or excitement, New Zealand has it all. It is so varied you’ll want to explore all of its treasures. Enjoy the freedom of the open road and the unexpected! Self-Drive itineraries offer you must-sees as well as plenty of options to explore yourself.

Contact Romantik Destinations for travel to Australia. Best of Australia. Experience the best Australia has to offer: Outback, Reef and the icons that represent Australia.

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Need a passport?  A passport book is required for air travel outside the United States. A passport card is only good for a cruise or traveling by land to Canada or Mexico. Processing time is about 4 weeks, but may take longer. So allow plenty of time to obtain a passport for international travel.

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